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Moringa Oil

Two types of Moringa oil to nourish and beautify your skin

Moringa Oil for Skin Care:

Moringa Oil  is among the most desired oils for the formulation of skincare cosmetics and is used in many elite wrinkle-reduction, age-defying and moisturiser products.

Moringa Oil is soft and fatty and penetrates the skin deeply to provide nutrients to the skin. It is nature's top face oils.

We stock both:


High Hydration Glossy


Matt fast absorbing
Moringa Oleifera Oil

Ultra Skin Moisturiser that lasts longer - with Shine!

Moringa Concanensis Oil

Non-greasy skin moisturizer for direct skin absorption

100% pure,

Cold Pressed   (125ml)


 R 220


100% pure,

Cold Pressed, Refined    (125ml)


 R 220



Apply after facial cleanse, morning and night -as needed.

Oil Effects:

  •  Skin Radiance (Thick)
  •  Firms the skin and promotes elasticity.
  •  Reduces signs of aging.
  •  Helps prevent sagging of facial muscles.
  •  It helps to balance the secretion of oil by the skin.
  •  Counteracts skin fatigue.
  •  Both can clear pimples and blackheads (depending on the cause).
  •  Both types counteracts the effect of pollution.

Oil Use & Advantages

  • Apply after facial cleanse, morning and night -as needed
  • 100% Pure
  • Top moisturizer!
  • Spreads and absorbs easily : No over-use or fatty feel.
  • Mixes with other skin oils or creams, even lip gloss = Shiny skin or lips.
  • Stabilizes and enhances duration of perfume fragrances.
  • Both are excellent night-cream to feed the skin (use after facial cleansing)
  • Antibacterial properties (good for spots).
  • Does not clog pores.
  • High in antioxidants: to help clear the skin
  • High in oleic acid: Lasting oxidative (clearing) ability
  • Anti-inflammatory properties:
           = Skin protection, especially from air-pollution
           = Counteracts acne bacteria
  • Vitamin C and E and other phyto-nutrients to feed the skin.

Moringa Oil for Skin Conditions

Each individual responds uniquely to different skin conditions. From eczema, through inflammation, psoriasis  and shingles, Moringa oil has had varying degrees of success.

It helps to add Moringa leaf powder to one's diet

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