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Moringa herbal tea is a quick and convenient refresher for energy and health. Moringa tea retains most of the health benefits of raw dried moringa leaf powder. In India it has been used as a nutritional, cosmetic and medicinal herb for at least 3,000 years.

It is famous for high levels of polyphenols, which are antioxidants. This means Moringa Tea helps to :

  • detoxify the human body and even
  • supports in strengthening their immune system.
  • Skin health can also be improved by consuming this tea on a regular basis
Cosmetic working

Great for Skin, working from the inside -the way nature intended it.

Medicinal working

We make no medical claims.  Contains 36 Anti-inflammatory compounds, in high enough levels to support several inflammation related afflictions. 

  • Lowering of blood sugar levels (Hyperglycemic individuals Details)
  • Anti-biotic workings
  • Supports Ph normalization
  • Scientific research studies have indicated:
  • Cancer reducing properties.
  • Improvements in the ratio of good (HDL) cholesterol to bad (LDL) cholesterol.

Moringa Tea vs. Green Tea: Antioxidants

Moringa leaf powder has sky-high levels of antioxidants. Basically antioxidants help the body to cleanse itself.  Green tea is a favourite for antioxidants. Test results however indicate that Moringa Tea offers a much better choice of tea as a means you pursue to increase health benefits.

Wondered about Moringa tea vs. Green Tea? Scientific results provide a comparison using the ORAC anti-oxidant (AO) scale:


Tea Name
ORAC Score
Moringa Tea 154 000 x 123 WINNER!  NO Caffeine
Green Tea 1 250 x 1 Contains caffeine
That’s 123 times more antioxidants per unit moringa tea versus green tea!

In addition to being the most value for money (x123 benefit for x 1.4 price), Moringa is a neutral tasting tea, so it can be mixed with any other tea of your choice.

Moringa Tea Research

Moringa leaf tea has received some scientific research. Most Moringa leaf research is undertaken on leaf powder and green pods. Since Moringa tea is made out of Moringa leaves, those studies support the benefits of Moringa tea.
Of note are studies on the effect of moringa leaf on blood sugar levels and therefor on type II diabetes:

Blood Sugar / Diabetes

1. Comparative Effects of Moringa Oleifera Lam. Tea on Normal and Hyperglycemic Patients
From the ABSTRACT: … for hyperglycemic individuals, the blood sugar levels significantly dropped after 2 hours. A mean drop of 28.15 mg/dl in the blood sugar levels was observed among the hyperglycemic patients. The results point to the benefit of using Moringa oleifera Lam. tea in the management of hyperglycemia.
From the CONCLUSION: …A therapy based on tea of M. oleifera would be desirable as it is cheap and easy to apply…
2. Blood Sugar Lowering Effect of Moringa Oleifera Lam in Albino Rats
From the ABSTRACT: The studies showed that the aqueous extract of Moringa oleifera leaves do posses a significant, dose-dependent hypoglycemic activity in normoglvcemic and alloxan-induced diabetic rats and almost as effective as the standard drug (tolbutamid.). This also supports its use in folkloric management of diabetes
Garuda Naturals / Africamoringa makes no medical claims. 


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