Here are some testimonials from Potent Moringa Customers.

Discover why they stick with our brand. You are invited to send us your comments and even complaints (although I won’t necessarily publish those but still)

Yvette Meyer (JHB) Breast Milk production & ordering service:

Thanks for the great service. My breast milk production has increased within a short period of taking Potent Moringa leaf powder. I have ordered more already.

Cecile Pretorius (Cape Town)

Thanks for kind service and extra effort. Bought for parents and self –user and believer. Have a yummy recipe for Moringa – date balls. Even the husband loves it.

Syrel Tshinyani:

Appreciate the service and understanding manner. Very satisfied with the prepay ordering and courier service.

Loriane Makin

Bought for elderly relatives suffering serious ill health. Recommends highly both Moringa and Mobab. Results so far as provided. The family neurologist suggested taking the powder as an immune booster.

Dumisane   (PTA)

Fantastic supplement, Great personal service, love the brand and original logo and the people behind it. Recommended it to all my friends and family and my Ma even became an agent!

Cornel Stolz (Pretoria, paraplegic)

Moringa poeier het my spysverteringstelsel drasties verbeter en ‘n gevoel van “wellness” verskaf. Ook beter konsentrasie vermoë.

Venetia Jagmohan:

Hi Lois

Hope you are well,

Just would like to keep you updated, since using your Moringa I had gotten a my period, for the 1st time in 3 years I did not have a runny tummy, I did not throw up, I didn’t not have heart burn, I did not get a swollen tummy that my clothing couldn’t fit, I did have pain but nothing like before i started using Moringa.

For the 1st time in 3 years I have been to work on the 1st day of my period. My husband and I are finally going to try for a baby now, I am even picking up weight, my doctor says the weight will even help me feel better and it has I don’t feel so cold like I used to before.

Thank you for your website and all the information you have put available for me and so many other people, I plan to tell all the ladies that have endometriosis about Moringa.

I also still have left so as soon as Im finish with this I will be ordering more from you.

If you would like a letter for you website I will  gladly sent you my experience

Thank you, keep well

God Bless

Michelle Rhodes (Canada)

Fantastic service from South Africa. No problem with prepay EFT payment and delivery in Canada.

Loïs: Owner Garuda – Apart from me no-one has been injured or coerced into giving testimonials.

I suffered from (and possibly still) very bad lifestyle and lack of length. And, truly, taking and also sometimes only talking about Moringa has improved my mental well-being.

Hunter Kennedy (Musician,Cape Town)

Has tried one teaspoon and will definitely consider trying another.

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